hi, i'm jana!

 i’m a full-time freelance photographer & videographer with a focus on portrait, branding, documentary, and fashion. i’m inspired by all things visual, textual, body movement, light, space, colors, and love to inhale everything around me. 

photography to me is a way of discovering, revealing and describing the beauty that’s within everyone and everything i come into contact with. 

working digitally and on (mostly medium format) film, i’m obsessed with both the production and the postproduction process -  the human connection; the ever-changing opportunities and challenges that light and space create; as well as the color developing science and retouching afterwards. being a 500hr yoga teacher, i have a special connection to movement and perspective. i love working and constantly chasing the next thing to do, yet the things that ground me down are actually quite simple. i love to paint, read, write, move, look at things (that are not my screen). 

i’m a native german, fluent in english and french. 

are we a match?

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ZEIT online / Süddeutsche Zeitung online / taz online / Münchner Feuilleton / MAXI Magazin / FAZ Online / The Times Scotland (Alba) 

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